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New Extender Setup

Netgear range extender is the one of the best Wi-Fi booster . Netgear Range Extender is not only easy to install but it helps you to enjoy the good speed of WiFi at a place where you never except previously. Netgear range extender is just a plug and play device you can simple plug it within a range extender and use it .


Netgear Range Extender : My Wifiext.net


When a user wants to excess the settings of the extender he has to type mywifiext.net in the web browser e.g.once the browser redirects to the index file it asks for the username and password. Netgear Genie page opens up where you change the setting.


As the Netgear Range Extender is the WiFi booster so you can manage all your WiFi devices easily .Mywifiext.net is the local access page of Netgear Extender. Local access page means the settings panel saved on the index file of the firmware


mywifiext.net is a web address to get the local access of your Netgear Extender where you can make both basic and advance changes. These changes can be in the wireless settings or firmware upgrade everything is possible through mywifiext.net.


Mywifiext.net opens up the settings dashboard of Netgear extender which makes following changes possible Its advised to take technical supervision while accessing these functions on mywifiext.net.


NETGEAR Genie works with any NETGEAR router or Netgear Extender. In Netgear genie you can manage all your wifi setting such us updating firmware, changing router ssid or password. once your netgear device will install then you have the wifi setting page of netgear genie.


Now lets come to the main problem which most of us using Netgear extenders face while opening mywifiext.net. The first and the most frustrating problem is web browser just keeps on spinning , This can be fixed by removing the cache and temporary files.

New Extender Setup : The Softtree Inc.

Its always a painful when we are browsing our favorite video on you tube and because of worst speed of internet its keep buffering and it can be take more then expect time which make us annoying. Now you want to overcome with the buffering painful problem of WiFi and decided to opt for a WiFi booster. with the help of WiFi booster you can extend your WiFi router range and use your WiFi easily without facing any buffering problem anymore. Netgear range extender is the one of the best WiFi booster . Netgear Range Extender is not only easy to install but it helps you to enjoy the good speed of WiFi at a place where you never except previously. Netgear range extender is just a plug and play device you can simple plug it within a range extender and use it .Now it has become easy to connect your home or office wireless ! Because you don’t have to run cable everywhere you need an internet connection.Extend the range of your existing Wi-Fi network and remove the dead zones. Go freely with the wire you attached to that wall socket, now you can drag your tablet into the back yard or another person’s office and stay linked.

Error Message when accessing mywifiext.net

  • “Page cannot be displayed” or “You are not connected to a network”.
  • “Unable to connect to the Internet. Google Chrome can’t display the webpage because your computer isn’t connected to the Internet”.
  • “Server not found. Firefox can’t find the server at
  • “can’t find server”

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How to setup Netgear WiFi booster Range Extender


Netgear WIFI Range extender is a device to boost the weak signals of your wifi router . Netgear range extender is very easy to install and its just a plug and play device . To boost the weak signals you can go with any models of netgear range extnder such as Netgear Range Extender EX6100,Netgear Range Extender EX6200, Netgear Range Extender EX3500, Netgear Range Extender EX2700, Netgear Range Extender EX3500, Netgear Range Extender EX7000 and many more. you can either configure your extender by open the setup page mywifiext.net on browser or you can also configure it through wps process.

Manual settings are also very easy but you may need help at some point.

Frequently Asked Questions

 WPS ( Wi-Fi Protected Setup)  is on of the process to setup the netgear range extender. To configure your extender through WPS process your netgear rage extender and your wifi router both should be compatible for wps and security should be set on WPA. If you need any help youcan contact our supprot team.

You can also install a netgear through manual setup too. here you can simple plug your device let the light turn to solid and once it turn solid then open the browser and open the netgear range extender setup page i.e mywifiext.net. and click on new extender setup here you can configure the setup easily.

New extender setup button is on mywifiext.net .but if you face that the webpage is showing the error or its redirect you to the default page then its seem your security is not working properly and its the ip confliction which redirect you to default page.

Netgear genie is a page of netgear range extender where you can deal with any changes such as resetting the password , changing the ssid, upgrading the new firmware etc.

If you forget the password or its not working, then you can simply login to the netgear genie and change the password . to login to the netgear genie it will ask for the username and password . once you enter in login page then you can make any changes you want.

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